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Our view is we treat others like we want to be treated ourselves. We don't like getting ads on pages we visit, and we don't like mountains of spam in our inbox. So you will never receive any spam from us and we wont share your info with anyone.

The information you provide on this website is collected for the purpose of offering a service, and nothing more. As we add services we may need to obtain additional information in order to be compliant with laws relevant to our business.

Legal Issues

If a valid law enforcement agency presents a subpoena for information about one of our users, we will notify the user that we are in receipt of a subpoena and give the user the opportunity to quash the subpoena. If the user fails to respond, or fails to quash the subpoena then we are obliged to provide whatever information required by law.


This site is intended to be used by adults. We will not knowingly obtain information about minors, and our policy is that only users 18 years of age or older are authorized to use this site.

--Bill Corless

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