which stands for Paccoin Exchange is a website developed by Bill Corless the original developer and founder of the crypto-currency Paccoin (PAC).

The site is currently an on-line wallet, with no exchanges to any currency. Users may deposit or make withdrawals from their on-line wallet under their control.

Users receive "Proof of Stake" (PoS) deposits automatically as generated by the website based on their share. The more users deposit the more their share of the PoS generated. This can be compared to a credit union where members receive a share in the profits.

We believe there are no "money transmitter" issues when users are simply sending or receiving their own crypto-currency. However we do plan to be a full fledged exchange in the near future, as we attempt to navigate the regulatory environment which is quite daunting to say the least.

Thank you for stopping by and check back soon when we should be in full operation!!

--Bill Corless

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